Basics of Pen & Ink

About Course

Welcome to my course “Basics of Pen and Ink”

It is a comprehensive drawing and inking course designed to guide absolute beginners to the level of producing professional quality pen and ink drawings through concise modules. I am Anjali and I will be your instructor for this course.

With this course, you’ll be able to make the right decision on the instrument to use for artwork. We will go in-depth into all the different supplies and how you can use them for different purposes.  Different botanical textures, Inkwash application through an example is also visually communicated. The worksheet is also provided so that you can practice it along with me. We will learn the Ink wash techniques in depth which is helpful in creating the final project.

I am a botanical artist and I will be working with botanical drawings and textures but the techniques which are demonstrated in the course can be applied to any kind of drawing. These are the easy-to-follow techniques that play a significant role in creating complex artworks. One should be clear with the basics and that’s what this course does.

Taking this course will give you experience in creating complex artworks using very simple methods. You will feel confident in drawing independently and even exploring it further.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Apply ink using various techniques and methods
  • Apply ink wash to create gradations of value and tone
  • Learn to create different botanical textures using technical pens
  • Mix Pen & Ink application methods to create more expressive artwork

Course Content

Basics of Pen & Ink

  • Material Information
  • Introduction to Pen & Ink Techniques
  • Introduction to Ink wash Techniques
  • Creating different Botanical Textures by using Pen Techniques
  • Application of Ink wash with an example
  • Final Artwork using Pen & Ink wash
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