This one is totally an unplanned diy. I bought some jute yarn in an ample amount from chandni chawk yesterday and sat today to untangle it to make a yarn ball. While untangling the yarn and having a sip of coffee together has made this idea born. The idea is to make a cover for my hot coffee mug so that it stays hotter for long time, making it easy to hold as well.

You’ll need:

  1. Jute Yarn
  2. Glue
  3. Scissor
  4. Button
  5. Your Coffee Mug


Step 1: Hold your mug upside down and start making a flat spiral shape with the twine taking the support of the mug. Don’t forget to glue the twine.

Step 2: taking the reference of your mug, keep wrapping the twine on the mug. Do not leave any gaps as it might not look good.

Step 3: Keep wrapping until you get the desired height.

Step 4: To make a spoon holder, firstly place the spoon over the mug cover and start wrapping the twine from outside towards inside vertically until you fill in the space for spoon holder.

Step 5: Decorate your pretty mug cover with buttons, pom-poms etc to make it even prettier.

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