5 minute Craft idea of making bag charm is the easiest DIY till now and takes no time to convert your boring bag into a stylish piece.


Last week, I went shopping and got one Miniso bag which has dual colours. As far as the design of a bag is concerned, it can be taken from both sides. My friend suggested me to go for the bright orange colour (good advice), although I was picking up the pale grey colour. I am thankful to her that she made me go for this one. The only problem with the bag is that it’s too plain and simple. I like simple stuff. However, here I find something has to be added to make it vibrant and that’s how I decided to add a piece of charm to this cute bag. Let me tell you, how I had started making this hearty charm…..

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. Wooden Circular handle (3cm diameter)
  2. White yarn
  3. Heart shaped locket
  4. Scissor



Step 1: Just take the 6 pieces of white yarn about a feet long each. Find the center of the yarn by putting the tails together. Do the same with each piece.


Step 2: Take a piece of the white yarn and place it at the center of the wooden handle, grab the loop and pull down the tails through the loop.


Step 3: Repeat the same process with rest of the pieces of white yarn.


Step 4: Now cut the uneven edges of the yarn in V shape


Step 5: The last and the most important step: Just knot the heart-shaped locket with the wooden handle.


Step 6: Apply the same knotting technique and add yarn at the upper edge of the wooden handle to hold the charm with the bag.


Instead of trying out this super simple knotting technique, you can style your charm in macramé style. The choice is yours.

Give your bags completely new look by adding this charm. Make your own and share it with me by using #madewithooshybooshy. I look forward to seeing your creations.

Xoxo.          bagcharm@ooshybooshy11 bagcharm@ooshybooshy12 bagcharm@ooshybooshy13



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