After having a cup of tea, I sat today, reminiscing about the days when I first started painting with watercolours. It was my 5th standard, the first time ever I touched watercolours. I didn’t know anything about it. The name itself says “watercolours” as the quantity of water should be more than the colour. However, I continued to struggle with watercolour, I used it like poster colours. Now I realize what the hell I was doing? It is certainly not the way and then I left watercolour painting. During my bachelor’s I started painting with acrylic colours, it came out really well, my first painting ever and in that process, I built the confidence of painting more. Anyhow, I always had a special place for watercolours and always wanted to learn. Then, around my 4th year of architecture, I again started watercolours. I watched few tutorial on youtube and learned the basic techniques. I am still learning, struggling and practising watercolours, learning to bend the flow of water how I want, learning to stop chasing the movement of water when it will produce a piece of art on its own. Out of all the variety of colours and techniques, I feel magical when I’m working with water paints.

This is the first painting I tried by mixing watercolours and doodle. I started off by having a picture of sea and the sun at its peak but I couldn’t manage to hold smooth amalgamation of sky and sea so I left with watercolours. However, I really liked the way red colour merged with yellow so I thought of doodling on it.

The second painting which I tried by imitating a photograph, I am quite satisfied with how the light colour tones took the shape of mountain applauded with greens. Nevertheless, the lower part of painting where I tried to show shrubs and trees is totally a disaster for me, although I really enjoyed painting it. I am still learning watercolours and will continue to do so. Aaahh I guess I should say I meditate by painting. It’s peaceful and relaxing. 🙂

There are few more I painted and I am not sure how they are, please let me know how do you find my small attempt at watercolours. Please let me know in comment section below and if you also paint with watercolours, do share it with me by using #madewithooshybooshy. I would love to see it.


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