Hello, besties!! So, while traveling in a metro, I saw a girl wearing a blue color cotton shirt with cute little bugs printed on it, it was a block printing stamps. It was so adorable, that I cannot explain in words. I tried to find stamps like the one I saw in the metro but failed to get it. For that reason, I thought of making it all my own. I’ve gone through various permutations and combinations and finally landed to a conclusion. The result is stamping with clay as it would be long lasting but detailing would be little difficult. I will be taking objects which don't require complex detailing.

You’ll need:

Air dry clay

Fine Knife


Step 1: Take the clay and flatten it to shape 2 cm thick layer. Now cut this thick sheet into approximately 2” diameter circular shape.

Step 2: I am carving simple shapes, so I just used the knife freehand. However, you can try more extreme shapes, just use a pencil to make an impression of the shape you want. Soon after, try to cut the clay not more than halfway through the thickness of clay (Here not more than 1 cm) according to the shape.

Step 3: Keep trimming away the excess clay to get the desired shape. You can use a fine knife for precise detailing. If you are ready with shape, leave it for 24 hrs to let it dry.

Step 4: Just ink them and stamp over. You can also add a little touch of rose embroidery in between the prints while printing it on your t-shirt, top or jeans.

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Much love ~ ooshybooshy

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