This is probably going to sound silly but I have a bundle of magazines stored just because I like its glossy appearance and composition of colors with text in it. Another reason for collecting these magazines is reusing it in some fashion in near future. Now I have more than 50 magazines aligned on my stationary shelf. You may also have the same habit of collecting magazines, or maybe there are plenty of them available in your home. I have an idea to reuse it. There are numerous ways of using old magazines or newspapers but I will tell you how to make paper coasters out of a magazine.

You’ll need:

  1. Magazines
  2. Glue
  3. Mod podge/ Fevicol


Step 1: Gather good amount of magazines and rip out the pages of the magazine.

Step 2: Start folding the sheets in thin strips (1cm width). Once strips being made, start rolling the strips then form little circles and glue the ends so that it would not unravel. Try to roll it in a square shape (2.5cmX2.5cm). Make plenty of them.

Step 3: Now take 16 pieces of these squares shaped rolls. Align these in a grid of 4X4.

Step 4: Stick these squared rolls together with a glue and let the glue dry completely. If you feel that it’s not sturdy enough, take a piece of paper of size 10cmX10cm. Glue the coaster on this paper to make it rigid.

Step 5: Now, just take some mod podge in a bowl and water (one-fourth of mod podge) and mix it. Apply this paste to the paper coaster thoroughly. Wait for some time until the first coat is dried completely. Now apply the next coat. Repeat this process thrice.

Likewise, I tried few more design combinations to add versatility my set of paper coasters. These paper coasters are super easy and affordable. Just try this out and do share your creativity by using #madewithooshybooshy and follow ooshybooshy on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Much love~ ooshybooshy



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