Hola DIY-ers, please accept my apologies, it has been 3 months since I haven’t posted anything. I have been loaded with office work, was trying to adjust to a new city, new people, new environment. Now that I have been adjusted to this place a greater extent, I will definitely delegate myself to blog and DIY-ing.

Today, I am sharing my bygone technique of creating an envelope from the newspaper. You must have witnessed it with most of the street vendors using this idea to save on cost, and in addition to that, it is easy and reusable. Here, I am not using normal newspaper, I wanted to give it a little glossy appearance that’s why opted to go for magazines with bright pictures and even tones. The magazine which I am using here is Net Geo Magazine, the reason behind using this in particular because it has a lot of great pictures and pictures are the essence of these envelopes.

It is actually painless making these envelopes for your own journals or whichever way you may want to use it, depends on you.

Let’s get started…..

Happy Crafting!!

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