Hello Folks! How have you been? Are you all set to play Holi? I know it’s kind of late to post this DIY for Holi Special. Nevertheless, the idea is to keep you inspired for reusing stuff as much as possible. So, here I am with this Holi Special DIY. We all know it gets really messy when we keep our Holi colours in plastic bags. To be very honest I don’t have a hand to hand experiences because I avoid playing Holi but whatever I’ve seen with people, it looks messy. Maybe I’m wrong. Let’s come to the points, the idea is to keep your Holi Gulal/Holi Colours in small empty Tic Tac container. People who carry lots of Gulal might find this DIY little useless however it works perfectly fine for me. I don’t carry much Gulal with me, carrying 2 different colours of Gulal works well with me. I find this Holi Special DIY super pocket-friendly in terms of portability, it easily fits in my pocket and will surely fit in yours too. So…………. Let’s do it.

Supplies you’ll need:

Empty Tic Tac Container

Scotch Tape

Acrylic Colours


A bowl of water


Step 1: Clean the Tic Tac container. You can dip the jar into the water for some time and scrub the label off by using a sponge. Then wash it by applying soap and water throughout. For extra stubborn leftover of a label, use a hair dryer to warm the glue, making it easier to clean. Once it is cleaned properly, let it dry completely.

Step 2: Stick the tape on the container where you don’t want to apply the colour.

Step 3: Colour the container with acrylic colour as per your imagination.

Step 4: When the colour the completely dried, remove the tape. Now the container ready to keep the Holi colours. Just pour the Gulal/Holi Colour by removing the cap of the container. Fill it according to your needs.

And you are ready to play Holi in an organized manner. 😛

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