Design is everywhere, just roll around your eyes, you’ll find design in every corner, in every tiny detail you see. This is what happens to me when I was looking for a prop suitable for book ends, I was searching all around my house. While keeping the idea of book ends in my mind, I moved towards my balcony and there it is. There were few unused bricks were lying at the corner of the balcony. Yayyy…. I’ve found the perfect prop for my book ends. Learn this an easy and cheapest way of making book ends.

You’ll need:


Spray Paint/Acrylic Paints



Step 1: Clean off all the dirt from the bricks.

Step 2: Put up a mask to cover your nose and spray paint on the brick.

Step 3: Even out the tone of paint.

Step 4: Here, I‘ve used permanent marker to make pattern. You can decorate it in whichever way you want.

Once it’s done, just hurry up and arrange your books.

Although I am not a book lover, however, I have few books which I wanted to arrange for a long time now and finally, my books got a treat.

Please try this DIY if you also want to give your library a new look and feel free to drop your messages in the comment section below.

Much love~ OoshyBooshy

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