handmadepaper@ooshybooshyHandmade paper is fun to make. Anyone who has a love for the paper should definitely try out making handmade paper at home. I was in 5th standards when I tried making handmade paper from newspapers, then I also tried giving marble effect to a plain A4 sheet only by throwing oil paints into the water, spreading it with a brush and finally keeping the plain paper onto the water surface. The flowing pattern of oil paint was stuck to the paper. That was the one way of giving some texture to the paper. However, there are so many ways of creating handmade paper at home, you just need to give it a try and do experiment with different materials. You can use almost any paper to recycle into a handmade paper.

The basic supplies you need for making any of the handmade paper DIY’s which are listed down are:

  1. Blender
  2. Mould & Deckle
  3. Plastic Storage tub (Rectangular size)
  4. Sponge or Rolling pin
  5. Cotton cloth/Towel
  6. Water

1. Handmade paper by using flower petals/leaves

  • Harvest Herb Paper

DIY Instruction: babbledabbledo.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy1When real flower petals and leaves embossed on a paper, it gives a fresh feel to the paper. I felt so refreshed and welcoming when I first saw this picture on Pinterest. This handmade paper can easily be used for a wedding invitation cards. What do you think?

  • Remnant Paper

DIY Instructions: burnettsboards.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy2While I find this worn and weathered paper to be perfect for writing journals or some classy notes. The only difference between the above two techniques is that the flower petals are dried here before blending whereas in harvest herb paper fresh flower petal, rosemary, oregano and mint are used to give it a fresh smell and that is why I am saying this paper is perfect for wedding invitations.

2. Confetti Handmade Paper

DIY Instruction: babbledabbledo.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy3This confetti paper is best suited for making scrapbooks for teens. Although it can be used in numerous ways. I find this super cute and colourful therefore it can also be used in creating kid’s birthday props. what’s say?

3. Handmade paper by using Watercolour on Paper towel

DIY Instructions: ooshybooshy.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy4I made this handmade sheet a few days back and I reused it for making bookmarks. It came out pretty well. Moreover, by using this technique, I am getting two in one handmade paper.

4. Sparkled Handmade paper

DIY Instruction: babbledabbledo.com

Add some glitter to the pulp mixture and transform a boring plain paper into a textured glittery paper.

5. Handmade paper from scraps

DIY Instructions: paperslurry.com


6. Handmade paper by using Watercolours and Mod Podge

As the video says scrapbooking paper towel, the technique is perfect for scrapbooking but as said, versatility is an important key. You should keep experimenting to get innovative results. Let me know if you’re making any divergent project out of it.

7. Handmade paper made out of recycling newspapers

DIY Instructions: makezine.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy6These type of handmade papers are just perfect for any craft work. However, my personal favourite is making a wind chime out of it or any kind of wall hanging.

8. Handmade paper by using shaving cream

DIY Instructions: pinkstripeysocks.com


DIY Instructions: honestlywtf.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy8This technique is completely new to me. A shaving cream will create such an amazing marble effect, I never imagined. This is an interesting one because especially here, it is transforming the overall feel of the envelope.

9. Spray paint handmade paper

DIY Instructions: alisaburke.blogspot.in

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy9This is an example of fluid art, the art of pouring paint which ultimately creates an abstract art. It is interesting to create tags, bookmarks or gift wraps out of this paper. Do you agree with me?

10. Handmade paper by using nail paints

DIY Instructions: designmom.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy10This technique is not restricted to paper. You can use this technique to colour many other lifestyle stuff, crockery, planters etc. The outcome is more or less similar to the one used with shaving cream.

11. Antique handmade paper

DIY Instructions: curbly.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy11What will you do with this antique paper? Any ideas? I find these absolutely perfect for printing poems, quotes or making your childhood photo journals. What do you think?

12. Textured handmade paper

DIY Instructions: yogiemp.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy12I would love to create a book jacket or cover page like this for my journal. It could perform as an entrance gateway to my journal.

13. Marbleize Handmade Paper

DIY Instructions: marthastewart.com

handmadepaper@ooshybooshy13It is as interesting to make as it looks like. This technique is helpful in creating a beautiful stone pattern or swirl pattern. It is awesome to see how colour floats on the surface of the water while performing this DIY.

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