ooshybooshy@howtofixholeintopHello, besties!!
It has been really long, I haven’t posted anything creative as such. I have been on a trip to home first then went on a girls trip to Rishikesh. Before going on a trip, I went to Sarojini and bought one top, I really loved the colour of a top. Quite happy with the shopping I was, however, I didn’t know all my happiness is going to fly away by seeing that hole right at the centre of the top. Yes, that hole. I cannot show you how big it was because I had already done the patchwork on it which you can see it in the picture. After fixing a hole in the top, I realised it is looking bad, then I thought of doing embroidery on it. I am not very good at embroidery, but I am learning. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get good results when talking about embroidery. I tried to be simple in terms of design and colour. Now, on the patchwork, I decided to do rose embroidery and gave harmony to the overall design by adding two more roses, one at the centre and other on the opposite end.

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