DIY Nameplate

Hey Guys! If you are following me on my Instagram then you must be aware of my love for greens and foliage. Whether it’s alive or dried, I love them in any way. I generally store them in my notebook to make them flat. Now, I have lots of mango leaves pressed into my notebook […]

Origami Diyas for Diwali

Hey Guys! How have you been? It’s been long I haven’t done any DIY project. I tell you why? Because I am so much consumed in making patterns and watercolour art almost every day. You can see that by following me on my Instagram. Also, it’s a better platform to interact and to know what […]

DIY Pompom Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is just down the corner and this time I will be home for Rakshabandhan. I have been missing rakhi for years now and that was the driving force to attend this time no matter how important my work is. This is equally important. And this is the longest I have been away from home, […]


Hola DIY-ers! This is my second monsoon in Mumbai, barely forgotten my first one. Monsoons in Mumbai are adventurous, seriously ask anyone here and you’ll get the same answer. During weekdays, I somehow manage to reach home safe. However, during weekends, I barely move out of my place. Enough of chit-chatting let us come to […]

Basics of Graphic Design

Being an architect, I have always look out the ways of representing the data in an effective way, so that the motive spread out loud to the jury or the audience. It is really important to convey your thoughts clearly, therefore the knowledge of graphic design becomes important and mandatory. You actually don’t need any past […]


You don’t have a glossy paper to wrap a gift box, don’t worry, you definitely be having a newspaper around a corner. Grab it and get started right away. The whole idea of this DIY Newspaper Gift Wrap is to introduce you to a budget-friendly yet attractive gift wrapping technique especially when you are in […]

DIY Luggage Tags

Hello DIYers…. The holiday season is about to begin, have you planned out anything yet? If not then please plan it right away. Holidays are fun, relaxing and refreshing. To make your holidays even more quirky, I’ve made a few luggage tags. I am so excited to share these DIY ideas because the unique ingredient […]

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