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Basics of Graphic Design

Being an architect, I have always look out the ways of representing the data in an effective way, so that the motive spread out loud to the jury or the audience. It is really important to convey your thoughts clearly, therefore the knowledge of graphic design becomes important and mandatory. You actually don’t need any past […]

My first day in Mumbai

Source: Mumbai, I will not say, “the city of dreams” yet I was overwhelmed by this term and thought about it constantly. Hence, the strong desire had been born to visit this place, my dream or wish to visit this place came true in 2012. Finally, a trip has been planned to Mumbai, I was […]

How to use fairy lights for home decor

Fairy lights are just perfect for any occasion, even if there isn’t any occasion, you can just hang it inside your house and it will give provide warmth and coziness to your space. Earlier fairy lights were only used to decorate exterior envelope of the house or any building during special occasions but now, the time […]


If you’ve been looking for a way to reuse old sewing machine sitting idle at a corner of your home, I have something trendy for you! While scrolling down through images on pinterest, I’ve found these 10 brilliant ways of reusing old sewing machine and make them new again. Now, if you don’t have old […]

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